Enterprise mobility client

Enterprise Mobility Client (EMC) is an application for
professional mobile devices, terminals and
tablets based on OS Android.
It allows working with WMS-systems as
full-screen web or telnet client.

About the product

Enterprise Mobility Client or EMC are two applications in one. The first is – a web client or Enterprise Browser, allows running web applications on your mobile device. The second is – a telnet client for a WMS server.

Main characteristics of the web:

  • full-screen browser
  • support for http and https protocols
  • support for JavaScript Engine V8 and Web Assembly (WASM).

Main characteristics of the telnet:

  • full-screen mode
  • support for Cyrillic encodings WIN 1251, KOI-8, UTF-8
  • extensive barcode scanner settings

Supported devices: Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Datalogic and other.

Supported WMS: SAP EWM, Infor, Manhattan, GOLD, JDA, 1C and other.

About the developer:

Enterprise Mobility Client is the developer of «Sytecs LLC», D-U-N-S 52-090-4008.

Application functionality

IT is the best application in the category. In addition to the main functions, it provides tools to facilitate the creation, delivery and management of changes, based on real experience. It is more than just an app. It is a service that guarantees the quiet and reliable operation of your business systems.
Two in one
Web and telnet in one application guarantees immutability when upgrading your WMS.
The application is compatible with most WMS systems: SAP EWM, Infor, Manhattan, Solvo, G.O.L.D
Speed and reliability
The native application provides fast work on new and outdated platforms for the longest term of work.
Clone settings with the built-in QR code generator or MDM to automate commissioning and control on any number of devices.
Easy creation of scripts for autologin and barcode processing rules based on prefixes.
Reading barcodes
Support for barcode scanners at the level of API manufacturers Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic.

Our advantages

Support one application of several hardware devices: Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic.
This application provides the opportunity to work in both Web and Telnet client.
The app supports small and large displays, as well as keyboardless devices with OS Android.
Functional text configurator supporting autologin scripts and keyboards macros.


Enterprise Mobile Client WEB and Telnet (License)

Standard Price (lifetime license)150 Euro (no VAT)
Special Price  (up from 100)Contact us to get a discount
Reseller PriceContact for partnership
Demo versionfree (limited session time)



How to order 

To order the application, please contact our sales department.

Maximal response time is 12 hours. Payment methods: wire transfer.

We do not work with clients from russia and belarus.



Location: 03056, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kovalskyi ln., 19

Phone: +38 044 333 76 96

Email: info@sytecs.com.ua

IBAN: UA563348510000000002600390928


Bank code (MFO): 334851


Sytecs LLC
19, Koval'skyi Ln, Kyiv, Ukraine 03056
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